In the elder days, the forefathers of today’s Muscogee (Creek) Nation would gather around one blazing fire to work out their problems. That tradition of solidarity and cooperation inspired the creation of Onefire Holding Co. Tribal leaders realized this nation must be self-sustaining to thrive in today’s ever-changing economy. Onefire is the means to that goal.

Onefire was forged by the chief, tribal council, and citizens to give the Muscogee (Creek) Nation a third-party investment and asset management arm. Aided by its proprietary filtering system, Onefire will make smart, impactful investments to build a sold portfolio of sustaining companies, targeting maximum return with minimum risk in all it does. In this way Onefire will fulfill its part in building a stronger Muscogee (Creek) Nation for generations to come.

That is our passion, and our motto: One nation. One future. Onefire.