Onefire makes five promises to the Muscogee (Creek) Nation. Onefire will strive to be a good, protective steward of the nation’s heritage, culture and resources. It will serve as a trusted advisor to the nation, its citizens, and business community. It will work to enhance the welfare of the nation by providing jobs, dividends, community development, and economic stability. It will demonstrate its professionalism and ethics by maintaining open communications, transparent operations, and full accountability. And it will collaborate with other Native American nations, citizens, and businesses for the improvement of the entire world.

process1Onefire intends to achieve this through a multi-step opportunity analysis.

The board will run each potential deal through an investment filter to determine whether further consideration and resources are warranted. Those with promise may then receive a letter of intent, starting true due diligence, business integration consideration, and an updated valuation model. Deals backed by the board and legal council will lead to purchase agreements and development of a formal integration plan.

A number of issues may stop a proposal, from a high risk determination and low perceived return to structural complications, demonstrated instability, or an excessive investment requirement.

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